A Prepaid Makes Cents card is a means by which you can provide your pre-teen/teen(s) with a secure, easy way of managing their money.

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“Following my diagnosis, I had to open my eyes and see the real world which means that I take every opportunity that comes my way.”

Eva, now 14 years old, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 12. This means that every 6 weeks, Eva travels to Crumlin Children’s hospital to receive treatment. Despite this, Eva doesn’t let her illness hold her back. She trains with Boyne Hockey Club three times a week and was recently named Person of the Club 2018, to acknowledge her dedication to the team.

“I want every teenager in Ireland to have a Makes Cents Card. Hopefully we can extend in to Europe someday.”

Leah, who is 15 won her class participation award for the academic year 2017/ 2018 and currently plays Basketball for the schools U-16 team. She trains twice a week and is working towards claiming a Basketball title with her team for the academic year 2018/2019.

“I want to learn more about what is involved in being an entrepreneur and learn about developing our vision into a product.”

Luisa swims competitively and has won medals and qualified to compete at both Leinster and National events. In 2016, she won a bronze medal with her relay team in the National Div 2 Championships. Luisa trains at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin.

How Did Three Become One?

The idea for the Prepaid Card came about after their Business Teacher told them that they could enter a competition which would (if they won) secure them an iPhone 8 each.

Even though the girls initially thought that their product was not going to be successful, they stuck with it and the more they researched, the more they realised that there was no product like this in the Irish market. They had identified a gap in this market, which they felt their product could fill!

These young entrepreneurs said that they never thought that their idea would be launched into the Irish Market.