A Prepaid Makes Cents card is a means by which you can provide your pre-teen/teen(s) with a secure, easy way of managing their money.

How Does It Work?


Easy & Secure Access

Log in and access your accounts using 2-factor authentication for extra security. For tutorials on how to use the app, click here.


Money Management

Teach your children how to manage their money efficiently and become financially savvy!


Full Transparency

Give your children independence while having full transparency of their transactions.



As the card is designed for 8-18's, merchants unsuitable for any person under the age of 18 will automatically be blocked.

How to Apply

Applying for a Makes Cents Prepaid Card is as easy as 1,2,3!

Download the Makes Cents App

Apply for your child's Makes Cents Prepaid Card

Watch as they become financially savvy!

Why Choose Makes Cents?

Makes Cents Prepaid Teen cards allow Parents to monitor their Children’s expenses whilst also encouraging and teaching them to manage their money.

The Makes Cents Card can be used like any debit card. The prepaid value loaded to the card can be used at any terminal that has the Mastercard logo. Funds will be immediately debited from the cardholder’s balance upon authorisation of any transaction. Purchases or cash withdrawals are deducted from the balance until the loaded value is spent.

The card can be loaded over and over again and the child can only spend what has been loaded to the card! A full transaction history can be viewed via both the Parent and Teen Makes Cents Apps.

Download Parent App here: iOSAndroid

Download Teen App here: iOSAndroid

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pre-teen/teens can I have on my account?

A parent account can be linked with up to 4 teen accounts at any given time.

How young can a Makes Cents card holder be?

The Makes Cents Prepaid Cards are available to children as young as 8, right up to 18!

Are there transaction fees with the card?

A full list of Makes Cents Fees can be found on the Costs and Limitations page.

How do i manage the accounts?

Parents can manage all accounts via the Android - iOS app.
Children can use the teen Android - iOS app.

The Makes Cents Team

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    Account Queries

    To Contact Customer Services, call +353 1 5665545