A Prepaid Makes Cents card is a means by which you can provide your pre-teen/teen(s) with a secure, easy way of managing their money.

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To activate your Makes Cents Card:

• Call +353 1 5665545.

• You will be asked for the 16 digit card number, displayed on the front of your prepaid card and your date of birth. Once you have entered the correct information, your card will be activated and your pin will be revealed.

• Please keep your pin safe and do not share it with anybody.

After 31 days, if you have not uploaded your documents, your account will be temporarily locked. To unlock your account, we require two forms of identification; a photo ID (passport, driving license, etc) and proof of address (a bill dated within the last three months). Please send these documents to info@makescentscard.com.

The Makes Cents card is a prepaid card designed for children aged 8-18. The card is linked to both a parent and child account. This gives children the freedom to manage their money whilst also allowing parents to monitor their activity and have full transparency of their transactions.

By default, certain merchants are automatically blocked by the Makes Cents team. These automatic blocks are to discourage pre-teens/teens from purchasing inappropriate goods, such as alcohol, cigarettes or online use e.g. gambling. Depending on how the merchant has categorised itself, these goods may be accessible e.g. Tesco & Supervalu are categorised as supermarkets, therefore the card will not be blocked. However, the merchant has a legal responsibility to ID the person making the purchase which in itself is a block. Makes Cents will be constantly working on growing our list of inappropriate merchants for our prepaid card.

A list of blocked merchants can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Know any inappropriate merchants that we are missing? Let us know at info@makescentscard.com

All fees can be viewed on our Costs and Limits pages.

As soon as your application has been approved, your Makes Cents Card will be created and dispatched within 48 hours of approval.

When the parent signs up for a Makes Cents Account, you will automatically be provided with your own unique IBAN which will allow you to deposit funds from your personal bank account to your Makes Cents Account. N.B This transaction could take up to 24 hours to reach your Makes Cents Account. However, once you have completed the verification process and your documents have been approved, you will have the option to add a debit/credit card to load your account in real time.

If the card has been misplaced, it can be locked via the app so that no one can use it for purchases. If it has been found, it can then be unlocked via the app.

If the card can not been found, inform us ASAP via email at support@makescentscard.com or call +353 1 5665545 and we will issue you with a new one within 5 working days. Any funds available on the old card will then be transferred onto the new card.

No, the balance on the card can be €0 and still remain active. Once the card has been topped up, you are good to go!

You have 31 days to upload your documents. These documents are needed to prove your identity.

A parent account can be linked with up to 4 pre-teen/teen accounts at any given time.

Parents can manage all accounts via the AndroidiOS app.
Children can use the teen Android iOS app.

No, as the card is preloaded, only the funds available can be spent. If there are insufficient funds on the card, any attempted transactions will be declined.

The Makes Cents card can be used at any terminal where the Mastercard Logo is present and online. It can also be used in ATM’s, dependant on whether the feature has been switched on/off. Merchants unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18 will automatically be blocked.

No, the parents will be provided with an account only, linked to its own IBAN. Only the pre-teen/teens will receive a physical card that can be used in-store and online.

The monthly fee of €4 per card will be charged on the 5th of every month.

The Makes Cents Prepaid Card will expire after 3 years. A new Makes Cents Card must then be re-issued.

• The ATM feature can be switched on/off by the parent at any time.
• The parent app has full control over the child’s app and funds can be added/monitored at any given time.