A Prepaid Makes Cents card is a means by which you can provide your pre-teen/teen(s) with a secure, easy way of managing their money.

Change to our Terms and Conditions

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From 01/10/2019, the “Subscription Monthly Service Fee” will be deducted from the Loading Card, when available, instead of the Available Balance in your Makes Cents Prepaid Mastercard. New T&Cs available here.

The Loading Card is a credit or debit card linked to and used for loading your Makes Cents Prepaid Mastercard.

The amount of the Subscription Monthly Service Fee and all other Fees contained in the “Fee and Limits Schedule” of the Terms and Conditions remain unchanged.

By continuing to use your Makes Cents Prepaid Mastercard after 01/10/2019, you acknowledge acceptance to this change and are bound by the updated Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to accept this change, you may terminate your account free of charge before 01/10/2019 by following the instructions detailed in clauses 10 and 12 of the Terms and Conditions.